Damien Murphy

I have been writing all my life. Just for myself, mostly. Mostly as a proxy for a poor memory. I have been trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life just as long. I have wandered a few different paths – philosophy, international development, fundraising – even emigration. But after a couple of years of crisis, I’ve come to the realisation that the best thing to do with your life is whatever it is that fulfills you. And the one constant I’ve always had is writing.

Though are a few different themes here – mental health, travel, politics, culture – and though this is simply a blog of the subjects that inspire me or compel me to write, there is a loose common thread about crisis and uncertainty and how we can try to weather those anxieties.

– Damien P Murphy




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Damien, they’re are two major errors in sentence construction on your “About” page. That kind of writing doesn’t engender a lot of confidence in the content.

    1. Hi Robin. Thanks for your feedback. Though it’s a shame that rather than highlighting the specific errors so that I could correct them, you just saw fit to cast aspersions. I find constructive criticism is always preferable to simply running people down. That achieves nothing of any worth. As for the content of the blog, it can stand its own ground, I believe. I hardly think a couple of accidentally omitted words in an “About” blurb automatically makes someone a bad writer.

      By the way, to point out your own error, the word is “there”, not “they’re”. You see, we all make mistakes. So try to be a little nicer in how you point them out to other people.



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